We got snow!

Our first snow of the year, possibly the only one of the the year. It doesn’t snow much here. I took a few pictures. It was in the 50’s then got cold, snowed, it was only here one day and the next day it was gone. It’s been 65 everyday since. Odd winter.


Working in my journal

Another night of staying up way late – painting, gluing, cutting, etc.

I have an old book that I tear pages out of to paint on, draw on or cut up. I remember seeing some pages somewhere, sorry I can’t remember who did them, where they used book pages for tree leaves or maybe it was the tree or something anyway. Here I think – http://www.arttradermag.com/.
Sometimes I just have no original ideas.

I used watercolor paint on the book pages and cut out the tree shapes, leaves and grass. I also used some painted pages that didn’t work out for what they were originally intended.

The single tree is on an 11X14 page and is not finished. The other two are in an 8X10 journal I made from a single 22X30 page that I saw on a video somewhere that I also can’t remember who did.

Mixed Media workshop

In January I participated in the Traci Bautista “Doodles Unleashed” workshop from Strathmore. Okay, to be truthful I am still participating because I have yet to finish the last lesson. I will get to it. Really! I am not a good doodler. Here are a few examples of my doodles.

New ATC’s

I joined a few swaps on the Yahoo group ATC_Fun. It’s a great group of creative people if you’re looking for a place to trade and have fun.

There was a fine arts swap and a dog mingle. I didn’t draw my dog but the sentiment is definitely his.

Although I rarely do collage I gave it a shot on a butterfly swap. The other is a cracked wax technique that I had never done but after several attempts that looked more like crapped wax than cracked wax, I think I finally got the hang of it.