I haven’t been doing too much lately. I’m so lazy! I made an apron for my 4 yo niece to wear when she paints. No sewing except for some buttons. Finally someone else in the family that likes art! I’m so proud. HA!

I have been cleaning my art area and found some felt pieces so I made some stuffed owls. The biggest is about 9 inches maybe and the smallest a little over 2 inches. I don’t sew very well but this was small enough that I didn’t get frustrated.

I did a few journal pages but I filed them under – Sometimes it just isn’t art – I did finally finish an owl painting. Or maybe it’s really a tree painting. It’s on an old canvas that I have painted over several times. Eventually I will probably paint over this one as well.

There are so many fabulous ATC swaps and Mixed Media swaps happening in my Yahoo groups. Maybe one of these days I can join in again. (Unfortunately I’ll be paying medical bills for a while)

Here are a few pictures


Catching up

I had to have surgery a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t been doing much art since, at least none that I want anyone to see! Sometimes it just isn’t art. But I think maybe I am getting back into it. I haven’t made any ATC’s but I have been spending some time working in my art journals. It was really hard to do nothing for 2 weeks! I still have to take it easy the rest of the month but I don’t have to “do nothing”.

(I also won some very nice Die-cuts from the ATC_FUN Yahoo group for my recycled tissue box journal, Thanks Judy)

Here are a few pages that I don’t have too many issues with. I’m not really very good at doing collage but I keep trying! The yellow page with the bird on a limb was a bunch of scraps on my desk that I threw together and now I have no clue as to where its going from here, but it’s definitely not finished.

The flowers are just outside my gate. All the flowers grow outside the gate instead of inside. Oh well, at least I can still enjoy them!

recycle sumpthin

On one of my Yahoo groups – ATC_fun – Someone posted a recycle sumpthin contest. Well, maybe its a contest. I’m not sure. Anyway. Guess I wasn’t paying attention!

I recycle cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes, etc. Here’s a couple of pictures of my recycled tissue boxes as an art journal. The pages are all different sizes but I find that I like it much better than having them all the same.

I also started painting the insides of cereal boxes with Gesso and giving them to my niece for use as canvas. She’s 5. They are sturdier than paper but cheaper than canvas, and can be bound if her mom wants to save them as a book.

Life and Art

I’m sorry I’ve been so long in updating this thing. Life got in the way of my art!

I do want to thank Sonja for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m sorry that I never got around to doing anything about it. I appreciate you thinking of me.

I haven’t really been doing much artwork. A few ATC’s for a swap and a couple of journal pages. Hopefully next month will be a more productive time for me.

The first four photos are ATC’s and the last two photos are pages in a journal . The Owl is still in progress. I used tissue paper and an old paper grocery bag (man are these hard to come by) but lost interest for now. Poor Owl is pretty lonesome.
Thanks for stopping by.

New Cards

Here are the cards I finished for the new swap. The small ones are 1-1/4″X3″. I made 3 sets of them, 2 for the swap and one for myself. I don’t normally make myself a copy but these were so fast and easy I decided I wanted some for me. I also made regular size ATC’s for future use or maybe just to keep.

Working in my art book

For some reason I have followers! I hope you enjoy my art.
I really haven’t done much lately, a few journal pages, no ATC’s but I have joined a couple of swaps so I will post those later.
Here are a few of the journal pages, some are finished and some are still in progress.

Working in my journal

Another night of staying up way late – painting, gluing, cutting, etc.

I have an old book that I tear pages out of to paint on, draw on or cut up. I remember seeing some pages somewhere, sorry I can’t remember who did them, where they used book pages for tree leaves or maybe it was the tree or something anyway. Here I think – http://www.arttradermag.com/.
Sometimes I just have no original ideas.

I used watercolor paint on the book pages and cut out the tree shapes, leaves and grass. I also used some painted pages that didn’t work out for what they were originally intended.

The single tree is on an 11X14 page and is not finished. The other two are in an 8X10 journal I made from a single 22X30 page that I saw on a video somewhere that I also can’t remember who did.