7 new ATC’s

I tried to get some cleaning done over the weekend but as I straightened my desk I kept getting ideas for ATC’s. So I spent my weekend making art (only 3 birds in the bunch) ! Here are a few of them.


more ATC’s

Here are a few more cards

Sketching birds

Did I say I love birds? I love birds. I have several feeders outside the window. It’s also the cleanest window on the house! I keep my camera with zoom beside my desk and take tons of photos all year round. There are bushes, flowers, tall weeds and a small frog pond. My next project is to try to draw these ATC size.

Bird Brained

I like birds. I don’t want one. I just like to watch, listen, and draw them. Actually, I like ‘wild’ birds. Owls are best. I love listening to them. There are a couple owls that live close to my house or maybe they just hunt close. Which ever it is they hoot close. Here are a few of my ATC’s with birds


I have discovered that I have absolutely no patience. I like to draw. I like color. I like making collages. I like anything artsy-craftsy. I like to make things that don’t take a week to finish. I want to finish so I can make something else. Guess that’s why I really enjoy making ATC’s. I’ve also done a few 4×4’s. I can’t seem to get into the inchies. Here are a few of my favorites.
Just goes to show, anyone can create art. Give it a try.