This month I recycled a tea box. . Initially it was for seed packets but naturally I didn’t check to see if they would fit and they don’t. So I will find another use for them. Oversize ATC cards or something.

The book was for my niece and her trip with Show Choir to Disneyland last year to perform and the owl pencil holder started life as an oatmeal box. Don’t you just love owls? I do.
Birds, flowers and trees. oh my.


Catching up

I had to have surgery a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t been doing much art since, at least none that I want anyone to see! Sometimes it just isn’t art. But I think maybe I am getting back into it. I haven’t made any ATC’s but I have been spending some time working in my art journals. It was really hard to do nothing for 2 weeks! I still have to take it easy the rest of the month but I don’t have to “do nothing”.

(I also won some very nice Die-cuts from the ATC_FUN Yahoo group for my recycled tissue box journal, Thanks Judy)

Here are a few pages that I don’t have too many issues with. I’m not really very good at doing collage but I keep trying! The yellow page with the bird on a limb was a bunch of scraps on my desk that I threw together and now I have no clue as to where its going from here, but it’s definitely not finished.

The flowers are just outside my gate. All the flowers grow outside the gate instead of inside. Oh well, at least I can still enjoy them!