more owls

The sewing bug is outta my system. I really am not meant to use a needle and thread. But I made one more stuffed owl. This one is suppose to be a barn owl, can you tell? I know, he needs a tweak here and there.

I also did a few quick paintings but only two that I like. Naturally, one is an owl.


Just squeaking along

Talent is like the grease on a wagon wheel. The grease makes it easier to get to town, but you can still get there without it . . . you just squeak more along the way. Paul Strisik

I have been trying to keep an art journal for months. I’ve gone through a couple of books but I never seem to get around to writing in them. Maybe a quote or poem and occasionally I comment on a glaring mistake.
Here are a few pages from my latest journal.

I have been messing around with water colors. I’m not very good at painting so . . . I just keep squeaking along.